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Imagine Language & Literacy
Imagine MyPath

Literacy Supplemental Suite

Help accelerate literacy skills and language development and ensure grade-level reading success through personalized ELA solutions for every PreK–6 classroom.

Imagine Language & Literacy® pairs with Imagine MyPath Reading to simultaneously accelerate foundational skills and comprehension — creating a personalized path to grade-level literacy.

Screenshot of an Imagine Language & Literacy lesson

Studies show Imagine Language & Literacy supports:

Flexible solutions with infinite implementations

Students can show significant growth by completing 40+ lessons in a school year through any of the following implementations:

  • Small-group rotation
  • Computer lab or 1:1
  • After-school program
  • At home or virtual
Two elementary school students wearing headphones and working on laptops

Explore the benefits of the Literacy Supplemental Suite

Imagine Language & Literacy
Imagine Español
Imagine Galileo

Biliteracy Supplemental Suite

Advance biliteracy and cultural competency for PreK–5 students with a suite of personalized, respectful literacy and language development programs in Spanish and English.

Imagine Language & Literacy pairs with Imagine Español® to provide direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice — perfect for dual immersion programs. Add Imagine Galileo assessments to paint a comprehensive portrait of student achievement.

Did you know? Imagine Español is proven to help students significantly increase their Spanish literacy skills and outperform their non-user peers on Spanish reading tests.

A calendar showing time spent on Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español

Maximize learning – and time

Find time to accelerate Spanish and English language development in any schedule with just 20 minutes a day.

Prepare students for lifelong success as language learners

Imagine Math
Imagine Math Facts
Imagine MyPath
Imagine Robotify
Imagine Science Corner

STEM Supplemental Suite

Students can develop their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills with rigorous and engaging STEM curricula designed to support a variety of implementation models for grades PreK–12.

Explore how Imagine Math® pairs with Imagine Math Facts® and Imagine MyPath to deliver personalized, adaptative learning paths in math, while Imagine Robotify's 3D dancing robots and the multimedia resources in Imagine Science Corner™ inspire the next generation of coders and scientists.

STEM success by the numbers:


Imagine Math Facts users achieve 94% math fact proficiency in less than five hours


Imagine Robotify offers students over 1,000 different computer science activities


Imagine Science Corner helps prepare students to be among the estimated 11.3 million people working in STEM by 2030

Teacher helping high school students on tablet

Endless possibilities

With resources for both online and offline learning, station rotations, and more, Imagine Learning's STEM Supplemental Suite supports a variety of implementation models to fit your district’s needs.

Equip all students for STEM success today, tomorrow, and beyond

Imagine Math
Imagine Math Facts
Imagine MyPath

Math Supplemental Suite

Empower every student to build grade-level math skills with age-appropriate, personalized curricula.

Combining Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts, and Imagine MyPath equitably motivates PreK–12 students' curiosity and builds confidence with grade-level math, all while making math fluency fun and effective.

Learning adds up: students using Imagine Math significantly exceeded national Quantile® growth norms.

Screenshot of an Imagine Math lesson demonstrating addition

Personalized implementation for extraordinary results

The Math Supplemental Suite enables you to design an implementation model that supports math instruction for all students. Explore options such as:

  • Elementary school models for all students and students enrolled in additional RTI time
  • Middle school models for all students 4x/week and for students enrolled in intensive or double block math 3x/week
  • Grade-level students needing enrichment, or those needing intervention

Get the suite that advances learning in math across PreK–12

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