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Keynote from Dr. Catlin Tucker

Shifting Workflows: Let Students Lead & Avoid Teacher Burnout

Dr. Tucker (Google Certified Innovator, Bestselling Author, International Trainer) guides us in a shift from time-consuming, teacher-led workflows to sustainable, student-led workflows that position learners at the center. Grounding workflows in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and leveraging blended learning models can help students develop into expert learners while freeing teachers to spend more time with individuals and small groups.

Cultivating Inquiry in a Brave New [AI] World

In an AI-driven landscape with vast amounts of information at their fingertips, students need critical thinking skills. Dr. Kathy Swan (Professor, University of Kentucky, C3 Framework Lead Author) discusses how to shift to inquiry-driven learning by presenting complex problem-solving scenarios that promote collaborative learning.

Comfort B4 Confidence: Achieving Excellence by Addressing Math Anxiety

Deborah Peart (CEO, My Mathematical Mind) explains how the roadmap to teaching math begins with addressing math trauma and anxiety. By developing the content knowledge necessary for anticipating student needs, teachers are equipped to nurture positive math identities and build a community of Mathers.

AI and the 4Cs of STEM

Preparing students for the future workforce requires more than just academic knowledge. Adam Dalton (CEO and Founder, Robotify) examines how AI can help nurture skills like creativity, adaptability, and resilience, creating a future-ready generation.

Helping Students Use AI for Good

Gain practical ideas for integrating AI tools into lesson plans across disciplines: Imagine Learning’s Deb Rayow (Vice President of Product Management, Courseware) explores ways to teach students to use generative AI productively and with academic integrity. She also discusses approaches to preventing the misuse of AI in your classroom.

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