IM K-12 Math from Imagine Learning has a bold, exciting future!

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Available for Back to School 2024!*

As an IM-certified partner, Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics continually engages with districts to provide equity and access for all students. We’re committed to supporting teachers, students, and families to improve learning outcomes in mathematics. 

We are thrilled to share an overview of our new IM program in development. 

The new IM solution offers:

  • A full suite of print and digital components along with professional learning and implementation support
  • A complete K through high school series (including Integrated high school courses)
  • Spanish version
  • Continued commitment to customer success, tech support, and more

New engagement, usability, and accessibility highlights include:


  • Revamped print Student Workbooks and Teacher Edition components
  • Real-time virtual collaboration tool
  • Embedded resources to support implementation with integrity


  • New ready-to-go Centers Kits
  • Even more K–5 Digital Centers available
*Geometry, Algebra 2, and Integrated II and III will be available for Back to School 2025

Student Workbook


Images of the Imagine IM Elementary Student Workbook

Student Workbook


Images of the Imagine IM Secondary Student Workbook

Teacher Guides


Images of the Imagine IM Elementary Teacher Guide

Teacher Guides


Images of the Imagine IM Secondary Teacher Guide
Images are advanced proofs not final pages.

Instructional Design

A problem-based instructional framework supports teachers in structuring lessons, so students are the ones doing the problem solving to learn the mathematics. The activities and routines give teachers opportunities to see what students know and what they can notice before having concepts and procedures explained to them.

Overall DNA of the instructional design

Each lesson starts with a learning goal and a warm-up, followed by problem-based instructional activities facilitated by the teacher (including individual and small-group worktime), and concludes with a synthesis and cool-down to solidify and apply student learning.

Focus, Rigor, and Coherence Across Units, Lessons, and Activities

Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics continues to develop tools in response to teacher feedback that really put students first, right at the center of the curriculum. Examples include Digital Centers, which allow students to play math-based games, and Task Statements, launched in 2021, which let students input their responses for class activities and give teachers valuable insights not just into what students are thinking but how they are thinking.
A change we’ve seen in recent years is that parents and families are more engaged than ever in trying to support their learners, so we’re developing resources to help them do just that, including family support videos, which give families the opportunity to see what's going on inside the math classroom—such as vocabulary and concepts—and take part in activities with their students to reinforce learning.
Students are really engaged by the new Inspire Math videos that Imagine Learning has created this past year. These videos expand on unit content and bring it to life for students, showcasing the math in a real-world, engaging context.


Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics offers both formative and summative assessments that empower teachers to measure student understanding and progress of learning goals within the instructional design. The program includes a number of features to make this process easier:
  • Teachers can provide timely feedback through assignable items and better inform instruction.
  • Students have tools that promote ownership and accountability for learning.
  • Assessments are available in print and digital formats for equity and access in all instructional models.
Embedded options for assessment are provided throughout each unit, section, and lesson.

Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics comes ready to go, offering a turnkey solution that saves teachers time in planning and instruction to maximize positive student outcomes.

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