Humanizing Personalized Learning

with Paul Emerich France
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"The key to personalized learning is seeing and honoring the humanity in every student."

Personalized learning is in high demand as schools navigate the uncertainties of a pandemic. While web-based, adaptive tools allow us to individualize learning for students, we can't forget the need to humanize models for personalization and center students in our instruction.

In this webinar, we will explore four pillars of the Humanized Personalization Equity Framework and identify tangible steps teachers can take tomorrow to humanize personalization in their classrooms.

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Humanize Learning in Your Classroom

Nobody understands the need for humanizing education better than teachers. While educators across the country have learned that inundating students with personalized learning technologies is not the way to go, many don’t know how to personalize learning without them. Try these resources to help you humanize learning in your own classrooms.
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Identity Unit

"Make space in your teaching for identity work, storytelling, and discussions of belonging." Use this identity unit worksheet to help center your work around our shared humanity.

Planning for Complex Instruction

Complex instruction is composed of three elements: multiple-ability curriculum, human-centered instructional strategies, and culturally aware pedagogy. Use this resource to plan for a wide array of complex activities. 
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