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Discover the latest innovations in Imagine Learning’s supplemental literacy, STEM, intervention, and assessment solutions

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Innovations to Meet Student Needs

Our team works year-round to improve the solutions educators like you rely on to drive breakthroughs. We’re making more content and feature improvements to support educators and help students succeed in 2023–24, and we’re excited to share them with you. 

More to Love in Literacy and Biliteracy

Imagine Language & Literacy Updates

Fluent Reader+
Easier than ever
Fluent Reader+ uses the power of AI to score students’ oral reading fluency accurately and quickly by specializing in students’ voices and accounting for any accent and dialect, saving you time.
Make the most of your Action Area Tool
Students are automatically grouped based on skill gaps and supplemental activities are suggested, allowing you to deliver instruction in tiers 1, 2, and 3 to support learning.  
Off the charts on the MAP
Our latest outcome study shows that students who used Imagine Language & Literacy with fidelity exceeded the MAP Growth gains typically expected in a school year. 

Imagine Español Updates

Imagine Español has expanded to grades 3–5! Now there are even more ways to accelerate Spanish language and literacy development for students.

New Cultural Activities
Students can discover the geography, culture, and traditions of even more Spanish-speaking countries, helping them build greater cultural competency. These additions include access to authors, narrators, and authentic content from fourteen Spanish-speaking countries. 
New Cultural Activities
New Accents Activities
New Accents Activities
Students journey across bridges made of stressed and unstressed syllables to unlock treasure chests by correctly spelling words with specific stress patterns. Students learn to identify and spell palabras agudas, graves, esdrújulas, and sobreesdrújulas.     
New IE Fluent Reader or Fluidez Lectora
With a few quick clicks, students are recorded for one minute as they read a grade-level passage aloud, then they submit the recording to their teacher. This practice activity provides a running record of their progress and fluency.
New IE Fluent Reader or Fluidez Lectura

Explore the Biliteracy Suite

new Cumulative Progress Report
Pair Imagine Language & Literacy with Imagine Español to create a powerful biliteracy pathway to English and Spanish language development.

Get equipped with the Biliteracy Suite’s new Cumulative Progress Report, which includes student performance and usage metrics with a dynamic date range and allows administrators to create and save custom views for quick access. The report also includes RLA, Galileo, and NWEA Assessment Scores when used in Imagine Language & Literacy.  
What's New

Leverage Powerful STEM Features

STEM Supplemental Suite

Step up your STEM with a comprehensive solution, ideal for extended learning opportunities during the school year (after-school STEM club, anyone?) or as a summer STEM camp. Our STEM Supplemental Suite is a dynamic blend of:

Imagine Math Updates

Recently released innovations include Imagine Math’s Student Activity Report, which enables educators to monitor student engagement instantaneously and offer targeted support based on real-time data populating every 10 seconds.  

Be sure to explore the STEM-Focused Application Tasks Guide. It explains the research behind these hands-on learning activities and how to integrate them to elevate your STEM instruction. It also offers an example weekly schedule with lesson formats for smoother implementation. 
Imagine Math’s Student Activity Report

Imagine Robotify Updates

The launch of Imagine Robotify’s unplugged instructional content makes it the most engaging, robust computer science curriculum available – plus, it’s written to align with the CSTA framework.  

The latest additions to the platform’s Educator Home area ensure educators new to computer science are prepared to teach the program. These include: 
  • Instructional tools  
  • Plugged and unplugged lessons  
  • Project resources  
  • State-specific computer science standards alignments  
  • Compete: resources for running effective contests 
  • An alternative assessment guide with templates 
Imagine Robotify + Class Link
Coming for the 2023–24 school year: 

  • ClassLink integration  
  • Mastery reporting to monitor students' engagement with computer science standards 

Introducing: Imagine Science Corner

cinematic video lessons
Imagine Learning’s all-new elementary science solution is designed to supplement any core science program. Imagine Science Corner sparks students’ curiosity with cinematic video lessons that feature engaging science phenomena. It includes powerful, student-driven Project-Based Learning Investigations for hands-on learning that make science come to life. 
What's New

The Latest Developments in Intervention

Imagine MyPath Updates

Imagine MyPath’s Assignment Builder
We’ve enhanced Imagine MyPath’s Assignment Builder to offer teachers even more capabilities in ’23! Increased flexibility in managing assignments is on its way with the addition of draft mode and editing and saving enhancements to help educators easily manage students in active assignments.   

Assessment Reporting  

District-level exporting updates to the MyPath Assessment Report will let educators see student details for each assessment, improving the ability to monitor completion and test status.

The exported file will show a student’s status (i.e., not tested, in progress, completed), which assessments they’ve taken, grade level placement, and more. 

State Standard Alignment  

Coming in fall 2023, state standard alignments for all 50 states will be available in Imagine MyPath. Teachers can use Assignment Builder to search and preview lessons by standard code and access vetted teaching resources aligned to these specific standards.
state standard alignments for all 50 states

Updated Student Progress Report    

Student Progress Report
The recently revamped Student Progress Report provides comprehensive information about a student’s learning path. Updates to the report include an educator dashboard where teachers can click to view a student’s: 

  • Learning path information 
  • Enrollments  
  • Individual weekly/yearly progress 
  • Lesson attempts 

This report gives key insights into student learning progression and growth skills. With this data, teachers can pinpoint student learning gaps (even across individual lesson attempts) and access relevant reteaching resources to support extra practice. Bonus: the printable report is a great tool for discussing progress with students’ families. 
What's New

Score with More Assessment Features

Imagine Galileo Updates

Imagine Galileo K–12 has added an easier way to access aggregate data on student participation during assessments, with a focus on test completion metrics: check out the new Export Activity Report for Administrators

Get the most out of your assessments with the latest releases, including updated test offerings, an improved Test Scheduler interface, and the addition of the popular Desmos Calculators (four-function, scientific, and graphing). 

When Students are Engaged, Everybody Wins

Student Contests

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about available contests.

All the Latest Innovations

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