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Transforming Educational Experiences

We're helping districts anticipate future student learning needs with innovations that drive superior outcomes. Our product advancements are research-based, market-tested, and partner influenced.

Be among the first to experience Imagine EdgeEX courses for grades 9–12 — a brand new enhanced way to experience the content you know and trust.

For students – built to engage

A refreshed look and feel and new motivational elements enhance students' experience and boost learning outcomes. Imagine EdgeEX also features an easy-to-use integration with Google Drive, which allows students to submit files directly to teachers without downloading files and re-uploading them into the Learning Management System.

For teachers – time better spent

A streamlined teacher experience means teachers spend less time navigating and managing courses and more time supporting the needs of their students. 

For administrators – better visibility and flexibility

Greater insight and customization when previewing and selecting courses allow districts to meet the unique needs of their community.


Students Learn at Their Own Pace With Imagine EdgeEX

After using Imagine EdgeEX, the next generation of Imagine Edgenuity, at Rio Rancho Cyber Academy, the results are nothing short of transformative.

What Students Love About Imagine EdgeEX

From self-paced learning to Space Cat, see what keeps students coming back to Imagine EdgeEX, the next generation of Imagine Edgenuity.

Preview Imagine EdgeEX

Get an exclusive first look

Imagine Edgenuity educators have the exclusive opportunity to take a first look at Imagine EdgeEX courses for grades 9–12. Sample lessons are available within Imagine Edgenuity — including a glimpse at the new and updated features. To access the preview, log into Imagine Edgenuity and click the banner at the top of your home page.

What's New with Imagine EdgeEX

See the future of our all-new Imagine EdgeEX courseware experience presented by Vice President of Product Management, Courseware, Deb Rayow.

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